Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Daily Stock Insights by Mr. Zanil Shah

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Nifty has ended its April Expiry at 14897. After making a gap up opening today Nifty could not sustain the 15000 levels and erased its gains and made a low of 14812
For May Month’s Expiry 15085 will be a crucial resistance for Nifty. if the index manages to Close above the same it may be ready to touch its previously made high of 15520. While on downside it may take a support near 14680 to 14600.

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Nifty’s High on
15th March – 15069
16th March – 15082
8th April – 15045
29th April – 15035

15085 Now Becomes a major Resistance for May Expiry. If it closes Above this it may be ready to touch the previous High Or make a New High

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But a few events has to be kept in mind:
Reliance Results
availability of Vaccines
Number of cases
Exit Polls in Next week.
Auto Sales Numbers in next week

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