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Daily Stock Insights by Mr. Zanil Shah

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The week ending 15th Oct 2021, benchmark indexes consistently made new highs where Nifty touched to a new All-time high 18366 up by 2.54 % on weekly basis. Even Bank Nifty made a new All-time high at 39425 and settled at 39402 up by 3.92% on weekly basis.

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Lets look the the previous weeks top 3 index gainers and loosers on Weekly basis.

Top Weekly Gainers
Tata Motors497.6032.2%
Adani Port812.8010.4%
Top Weekly Losers
HDFC Life693.804.3%
HCL Tech1251.154.2%


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Nifty has made new all-time high at 18366 and settled at 18355. In the coming week Nifty’s options data suggests that


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Maximum OI on call side is at 19000 followed by 18500 / 18700


Maximum OI on Put side is at 18100 followed by 18000 / 18200

Nifty has a strong resistance at 18500 above that it may test 18700 / 19000 levels. while its immediate support is at 18300 / 18088 levels.

Bank Nifty:

Bank Nifty has given a breakout on daily, weekly as well as monthly chart.Bank Nifty’s OI data suggests that


Maximum OI data at call side is at 40000 followed by 39500 / 41500


Maximum Put OI is at 38500 followed by 39000 / 38000 levels

For Coming week Bank Nifty may test 39861 / 41660 levels. Its immediate support levels are at 39000 / 38500 / 38100 levels.

On Thursday Banking stocks as well as cement stocks have shown strength with some good volumes.


Acc has given a reversal with good volumes Buy the stocks at CMP – 2310 and on dips till 2270 with a SL of 2245 for targets of 2350 / 2400 / 2450 / 2500.


a new entrant in F&O segment as also observed good volumes on Thursday – Buy the stock at CMP 214 and on dips till 205 with a SL of 190 for the targets of 225 / 235 / 262 & Above


Ambuja cem has also seen a reversal. It has s strong resistance at 415 / 418 levels above this it may test 428 / 450 in near term buy at CMP 408 and on DIPS till 400 with a SL of 395.

Pvt Banking stocks like Indusind Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank has also seen some good reversal in last week. With the support on broader index these stocks can outperform in near term


HDFC Bank has already made a new all-time high at 1690. Buy the stock at cmp 1687 and on DIPS till 1650 / 1630 levels with a SL of 1590 levels for targets of 1742 / & 1850 levels


ICICI Bank has a strong resistance at 735 levels. Once it closes above this it may test 753 / 794 / 834 levels in near term. It has been under a consolidation from 680 to 735 levels since July end. Buy at CMP 727 and on dips for short term with a SL of 680.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank can also test 824 / 867 / 910 in near term. Buy at CMP 802 and on dips till 780 with a SL of 770.

Indusind Bank

Indusind Bank has crossed the previous 4 weeks high at 1189 levels and it is ready for targets of 1250 / 1298 and above. For a period 6-8 months if it closes above 1250 levels this stock will enter a new zone for targets above 1500.

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